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From the Heart

"Miss Esther does not dumb things down, she wants her students to do it the right way from the get go."

"Esther is a patient , caring, encouraging piano teacher . She has trained with the best . She can make a beginner encouraged about his / her progress. Her enthusiasm, guidance , and genuine care is always present during every lesson"

"Ms. Esther is a very approachable and considerate teacher. She really tunes into the needs of her students and works with their strengths and weaknesses. She was easy to communicate with. We enjoyed our experience with Ms. Esther!"

"Miss Esther's is a great piano teacher who inspires and motivates students to learn. Our son is taking piano classes from her and making good progress. I highly recommend her for piano study."

"Ms. Esther is very dedicated teacher. My kids love her, and enjoy the music. Moreover she also is very helpful and kind to adjust my busy schedule when I need. We all appreciate her a lot. Once a year performance is another plus experience to add to the children!"

"My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Miss Esther for three years. She simply loves going to the lesson each week. Miss Esther is doing a great job in keeping my daughter motivated. Each kid is different and a special teacher your child deserve is one that would emphasis more on your child's well-being and love for music than the pursuit of Certificate of Merit, a yardstick that more often than not makes kids hate music in the end.
- Thank you, Miss Esther."

"Miss Esther is a wonderful teacher to work with. Her work is thorough and complete. She really gets down to the details about playing techniques. Strongly recommended."

"My 7 yr old daughter has been going to Ms. Esther's piano study for almost 10 months now. Ms. Esther is very patient with her and makes sure she goes at the pace my daughter is comfortable with. She is very knowledgeable in her field and knows what to teach at the correct time."

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