Miss Esther's Piano Study

Phone(949) 870-6200


A thorough Piano education inclusive of:

  • Piano Technique with scales work, arpeggios, cadences in all keys
  • Each Major and minor scales signatures played with the above
  • Music Repertoire covering the Masters and some Jazz, Rags
  • Study of fingering
  • Sight & ear training
  • Yearly Recitals
  • Study of intervals with intervalic reading
  • Analysis of pieces
  • Coloration, expression, rubato.

(Depending upon each Students stamina, of course, not all 10 will be covered. One, two or three may be sufficient as to avoid a burning out)

** Intensive Summer Workshops Covering All (Or Just Some) Not Included During Study Year **

Note: No Certificate of Merit Nor Judging Offered.

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